Durak the Risen

After playing for just a few days I went ahead and upgraded my account from the trial version to the Collector’s Edition download from the Rift website. I had considered buying the boxed set but the additional perks that came with the digital download were too tempting to pass up.

For any of you considering this upgrade the Collectors Edition digital download has the standard perks of a two-headed turtle mount, larger starting bag and a mini-pet from the regular CE. However, with the download version you also get a trinket that grants a 5% experience buff to level 20 and the title “the Risen” for all your characters. The price of the digital download was also a lot cheaper than the boxed version so I jumped at it.

Durak is now level 10 so he is making steady progress even if I am still learning new things about the game constantly. I am already making good use of the newly added cosmetic clothing feature too. Mainly I have the original scale vest equipped over the less attractive breastplates I have found so far. Tweaking my look as I level is something I loved in LotRO and I am glad I can do it in Rift as well.

I plan on tweaking my build later on but for now I am focusing Durak’s talents in the Beastmaster soul and secondarily in the Riftblade. The third soul I am using is the Champion but I have not put any points into it and I just use it to have the Bull’s Rush ability.

I know I will be tweaking my build as I level and I am excited to get the other souls when the quests open up around level 13. I will be sticking with Beastmaster as my primary soul but I am sure I will try out more than a few different combinations for the other two.

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