A Druid Named Vaul

Over the last week I have been experimenting with the other pet souls to see how the Mage, Cleric and Rogue pet varieties worked. To my surprise Durak got a bit sidelined as for the moment I have switched mains to a Cleric – more specifically of the Druid variety.

Don’t get me wrong. The Rogue (Hunter) and Mage (Elementalist/Necromancer) were definitely fun. I still enjoy playing Durak too but when I decided to try the Cleric it just “clicked” with me. They are just so versatile and by playing a Bhami I also get the nice melee attack animations that I have come to love about this game. The Bhami males have very fluid animations with 2-handed weapons and if I am going to look at him swing thousands of times it helps if the motions have a good feel to them.

He is only level 11 so far but my initial souls are Druid/Shaman/Warden which has worked amazingly well for me. I have had almost no downtime with him and he is the first character I have played that easily handles groups of mobs. I don’t do this by AoE’ing them down but instead by doing single target damage and managing both the health of Vaul and his fairy pet, Faewyn. Most of the points are in Druid and secondarily Shaman. So far I just use Warden for the 0-point heal – but that extra heal has been extremely useful so far.

I typically don’t play healing classes which is why I tried out the Cleric last. I was truly surprised when it ended up being my favorite.

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2 thoughts on “A Druid Named Vaul

  1. Just wanted to drop a quick note saying how much I enjoyed your blog. I checked it out after you left a comment on mine, and I like the style. I have never really gotten into pet classes myself, as I prefer to play tanks, but I always like reading something well-written from a bit of a different viewpoint. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for coming by and checking it out 🙂

    My big challenge in writing about Rift is settling on a Calling. I have never had so many options for pet classes before and it has been a bit daunting to be honest. The Druid focused Cleric is still holding the top spot with me and I expect he will be the one I write about the most often and level first to 50.

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