1.3 and PvP

I have only had time to run a few battlegrounds so far but I must say I am happy with the big PvP change in 1.3 when I PuG Warfronts.

From the Patch Notes: “Tweaked Warfront queues to better match up premades with each other, and smaller groups or solo players with other similarly queued players.”

Prior to the patch my experience in the Battlegroup that includes Estrael has been to loose over 90% of the matches I’ve joined. Now, this has largely been due to facing premades so I guess these results aren’t too unexpected but it did get frustrating to be steamrolled so often. Most of the matches weren’t even close.

This morning though, after 1.3 wen’t live, I had some of the most fun experiences in Black Garden – the only Warfront open to me so far. The games were pretty evenly matched and the only true idiot I encountered was myself.

Yep – feeling intoxicated with the joy of an improved matching system I decided to go and grab the Fang of Regulous right at the start of the match. Sadly, in a moment of AoE special effects confusion, I emerged from the center of the field to run in the wrong direction towards the Guardian side. The comments in chat were less scathing than I deserved but I was mortified nonetheless. In a moment of shame I almost dropped from the scenario but instead I just cleared my head and did my best to focus on healing the other members of our team and take out the occasional Guardian carrier.

Despite my own antics though, Black Garden was much more fun that it had been previously. The difference was almost night and day. I suppose the new server transfers could also be playing a part but whatever the reason I am now finding PvP both challenging AND fun. That is a welcome change.

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