Getting Back to Rift

So, for a first post I wanted to introduce myself and my character. For this travelogue I will be writing about the adventures of a Dwarf Ranger named Blayden and his adventures across Telara. I know that any calling in Rift can choose from a variety of Soul combinations but I like struggling with pet mechanics so for me I will keep Ranger as one of, if not his primary, soul of choice.

Blayden resides on Faeblight and I have been playing him for a few weeks. Since resubscribing to Rift I have given each of the callings up to level 20 or so to grab me and so far the combination of Dwarf and Ranger is what has kept my interest. I really like the Dwarf race in Rift and having the option to make him more Hobbit-like by pushing the size slider all the way to the smallest setting and choosing to forego a beard.

I have to admit that I am not a big one for the Guardian backstory and I had been a bit disappointed that the different races did not have their own starter areas to flesh out their backgrounds more. I understand why Trion did this with Rift but I still would have liked a chance to get to know the Dwarves as their own people before getting all wrapped up with the Vigil.

He is level 37 as of the time I am writing this first post and he is just finishing up with a few quest chains in the Droughtlands. I have managed to keep his crafting up to date, which does slow his progress but I think it’s worth it not to go back and farm in low level areas for mats. This way he can at least use what he is crafting.

So, until next time I will end with this excerpt from his journal:

I had never spent much time in the desert and I am ill equipped to deal with the cold that comes after nightfall. I have decided to avoid the inn as some of the locals around Lantern Hook have been eyeing me suspiciously. I don’t think they like the thought of a Dwarf among them. I would hate to wake to a blade entering my gut. So, here I sit. The view across this desolate landscape is amazing but that is little consolation as I await the warmth of the dawning sun.

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