What is Petagog?

In any online game I play the first thing I gravitate towards is whatever pet-class it has to offer. In WoW my main was a Hunter, in LotRO it was a Captain, in Warhammer a Squig Herder…

…and now in Rift I am playing a Warrior who’s primary soul is that of a Beastmaster.

I have several blogs for a variety of different games and my hope is that this blog will serve as more of a catch-all location where I can post about whatever I am playing. At Petagog I will focus more on my preferred playstyle rather than a specific game.

What is that playstyle? Well, it is that of a soloish character who, along with his pet, takes on what PvE content he can on his own. I don’t raid and generally avoid the “Holy Trinity” of MMO’s but I do love a good battleground. When I group it is usually in a pug for some kind of PvP encounter.

I should note here that as I am playing Rift these days on my old laptop the resolution of the images will be pretty low. That is just how it is on my computer right now but an upgrade is coming soon and along with it will be higher quality screenshots for my posts.

Until then – may the followers at your command always remain true.

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